Advanced custom analytics for mobile and web applications.

Calq conversion funnel report

Easy conversion funnels

Funnels let you measure how users flow through your application. Easily identify sticking points where customers are being lost. For example, use funnels to show where users are getting stuck in your checkout process. Use this data to refine the journey and boost sales.

Retroactive analysis

With Calq your funnels are retroactive. Setup additional funnel as you think of them and Calq can look "back in time" and display results for past actions.

“Calq gives us a wealth of insightful metrics for our online payments platform. We test and monitor our checkouts using Calq's reports. It's a vital component in both our development and business intelligence processes”

Paul Brant, Operations Manager, Paddle

Calq individual customer profile

Drill down into individual users

Calq lets you drill down into a real-time feed of a customer's actions, as well as displaying detailed profile information about the customer.

Get better insight by seeing what your customers are doing on a granular level. Find out which of your features a particular customer uses most.

Calq customer retention report

Retention metrics

How often are your users coming back? Do they come back after 1 day? 1 week? 1 month? User retention is easily visualized with Calq's retention grid.

“We see real value in having the accurate real-time reporting that Calq provides. We operate in an extremely fluid sector and don't have time to wait for our data.”

Stephen Ebans, VP Product Development, Monitise

Simple and advanced query builders

Build detailed queries easily

Data analysis shouldn't just be for your technical staff. Calq's query builders allow you to easily ask complicated questions of your data. Build queries with advanced filters and aggregate operations without prior technical knowledge.

Action query language (AQL)

Developers can write advanced queries using an SQL-like language called the Action Query Language (AQL). Interact with your actions and custom properties as if they were traditional SQL tables & columns.

Calq live stream for real time events

Real-time insights & live views

Calq provides real-time views of user actions as they happen. Don't wait for your data.

All of Calq's query and reporting functions return results with your latest data. Why wait 24-hours to analyze yesterday's information? It could be too late to act on by then.