Simple, Scalable Pricing

Calq grows as you do. Our plans are based on the number of active users you track in a single month. Simple.

Monthly Active Users (MAU) Monthly Cost
Up to 1,000 users
Great for projects under development
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Up to 10,000 users $50 Start Free Trial
Up to 50,000 users $200 Start Free Trial
Up to 150,000 users $500 Start Free Trial
Up to 350,000 users $1,000 Start Free Trial
Up to 750,000 users $1,500 Start Free Trial
Up to 1,500,000 users $2,500 Start Free Trial
Even higher volumes
or custom requirements
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What happens if I go over my plan?

Don't worry! We will still keep recording your data. Calq will either charge you pro rata for the extra data, or upgrade you to the next plan automatically. We will always pick whichever option is cheaper, and we will always let you know.

Enterprise customers

We have a wide range of options available for our enterprise customers, including managed SLAs, premium support, encryption options for controlled data, training, and data modelling. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is a monthly active user (MAU)?

The cost of using Calq is based on the size of your active user base. A monthly active user is a unique user that you have sent us data for in the last month. Each month is a fresh month and any previously active users are not counted again for billing unless you send us more data.

What should I be tracking?

Everything! If you need help designing your data model then we will be happy to help. Contact us to see how we can help. Alternatively check out our data model examples and blog for some great ideas.