Calq is no longer accepting new customers

18 months ago we were acquired by one of our largest customers, Paddle, who are building the best way to sell software. This was a logical move that brought a lot of benefits to everyone at the time.

On one hand Paddle’s vendors have enjoyed access to much better native analytics, and new insights into how their customers behave and purchase - something that they used to have to build themselves.

On the other hand Calq’s customers got an increasingly better product: we benefited from the millions of data points brought by Paddle to build smarter features.

Keeping both platforms made sense then. We have however made the difficult decision to sunset Calq as an independent platform and focus on Calq-powered Paddle, because we strongly believe this is the best solution for both our customers and ourselves going forward, and the best way to fulfill our mission to help software companies get insights from their data.

Data and analytics are much more powerful in context. As it happens, context is what Paddle brings with the concepts of customers, apps, crashes, checkouts, subscription plans etc. which mean that we are working with highly structured data.

This means that anything we build on top of the Paddle platform is much better than the same features built in Calq. Instead of seeing our customers build the same funnels around checkout abandonment or the performance of marketing campaign to increase trials, we can provide it natively within Paddle.

Existing customers will continue to be supported through this transition, but Calq is not accepting any new customer registrations.